Library Procedures

Inter-Library Loan

If you don't find what you are looking for, ask the Librarian.  We can get a loan from another library.  These are delivered almost daily by courier.  There is no cost to the user for inter-library loan.

If you need to use Gunnison Public Library, Savage Library at Western State Colorado University, or any other library across the state, ask the Librarian for a Colorado Library Card which will enable you to check out material there. The Colorado Library Card is a free service from Colorado libraries. Bring borrowed materials back to GHS Library for return to the lending library via courier.

Loan Periods

  1. Everything in the library circulates. If we are using materials in class, it is still available for overnight check-out.

  2. Books and audiobooks check out for two weeks. Items can always be renewed as long as no one else is waiting.

  3. Reference books, magazines, newspapers, and videos check out overnight.

  4. Ebooks and audiobooks are available for you to read on your device.  See the librarian for details.

  5. The overdue list comes into to advisories. If you are overdue, you cannot check out more material. If you have been overdue for more than a month, you may serve lunch detention.

  6. If the material is lost or destroyed, see the Librarian to make arrangements for replacement.

What to Know About Using Your Library

  1. PLEASE, no food in the Library.  This helps to protect the materials.  Keep drinks on the hard floor. Set drinks on the file cabinet if you are using a computer.

  2. Use the Library responsibly.  You are going to be here four years.

  3. One person per each computer.

  4. Please don't lean or sit on tables: keep feet out of chairs.

  5. Leave your pass on the desk when you come in.  If you are making up a test, check with the Librarian for seating.

  6. Save your computer files in your Google account.  If you save on the computers, all will be lost the next day.  The library computers are frozen and reset each night.  

  7. Printing from Library computers or copy machine costs ten cents per page for personal use.  School printing is free.

  8. Pens, pencils, and ear buds are available for sale at the Library desk--10 cents to $2.00