Material Selection Policy

Gunnison High School Library Selection Policy

The following criteria are considered by the Gunnison High School Library staff when selecting materials for inclusion in the library:

Selection Criteria:

  • educational significance

  • contribution the subject matter makes to the curriculum and to the interests of the students

  • favorable reviews found in standard selection sources

  • favorable recommendations based on preview and examination of materials by professional personnel

  • reputation and significance of the author, producer, and publisher

  • validity, currency, and appropriateness of material

  • contribution the material makes to breadth of representative viewpoints on controversial issues

  • high degree of potential user appeal

  • high artistic quality and/or literary style

  • quality and variety of format

  • value commensurate with cost and/or need

  • timeliness or permanence

  • integrity

Kinds of Materials Selected:

  1. Materials integral to the instructional program.

  2. Materials appropriate for the reading level and understanding of students in the school.

  3. Materials reflecting the interests and needs of the students and faculty served by the library.

  4. Materials warranting inclusion in the collection because of their literary and/or artistic value and merit.

  5. Materials presenting information with the greatest degree of accuracy and clarity possible.

  6. Materials representing a fair and unbiased presentation of information. In controversial areas, the librarian, in cooperation with the faculty, should select materials representing as many shades of opinion as possible, in order that varying viewpoints are available to students.