Library Pass Procedure


Please use a library pass for any student you send to the library. 

They must insert (on a pink pass or other paper) into the pocket:

            their name,

            the task they are coming to the library to accomplish,

            the amount of time needed to complete this task.

Appropriate library tasks are:                               Inappropriate tasks are:

reading a magazine                                                    taking to friends

working on any class assigned research project            sleeping

make-up tests (see note below)                                  copying homework

finding a book                                                            personal email

finding the answer to a question                                  surfing the net           

looking at their picture in the newspaper social media

searching the Internet for a class assignment

using online databases such as GHS catalog

  or Ebsco magazine database

completing homework

1.  Please note that the pass is assigned to you, not to a classroom.  If you move, take        them with you.

2.  You know how many passes you will need.  We are giving you two to start with, but   you may request more.  If you lose one, request another. 

3.  We will not admit your students without this pass properly filled out.  This helps us in

            monitoring students, and we appreciate your cooperation.

4.   Teacher Aides need to be kept with you.  

5.   TESTS  If a student is making up a test, please have them check in with Ms. Hardy to

            be assigned a seat.