Robert E. Gibbons

Author: Fraser Birnie, GHS Legion Club

Robert E. Gibbons

Civil War



Mr. Gibbons served in the Civil War with the 77th Ohio Infantry Regiment for the Union. He was a private throughout his service and was in company D. According to records 280 men from the battalion were killed during combat but Robert was lucky enough to survive the estimated 11 battles fought by the regiment. 

His life

Robert was born in 1841 in Ohio, and at 20 years of age he enlisted in the Union Army to help fight for what he believed in. He was a soldier during the entire Civil War, fighting in the roughly 11 battles that the unit fought in. He served from 1861 to 1865 and was a private throughout his service meaning he did lots of things that nobody else wanted to do. People like Him are the reason that the United States is the way it is today and he sacrificed so much for others benefit. After getting out of the Army, Robert ended up in Gunnison in one way or another most likely for a job opportunity. While records are quite limited for this time period, we do know that Robert also had a wife, L Gibbons (22 y/o), and daughter, Bessie Gibbons (3 y/o). 

77th Ohio Infantry Background and Importance 

The 77th Regiment, Ohio Infantry holds a significant place in American history due to its crucial role during the Civil War. Composed of brave men from the farms and businesses of Ohio, this regiment made incredible sacrifices and contributions to the Union cause. From their important actions on the battlefield to their dedication and perseverance, the 77th Regiment became a symbol of courage and resilience. Most people have never heard of this regiment and I find it important to remember the sacrifices others made for our freedom.

First and foremost, the 77th Regiment played a pivotal role in numerous battles throughout the Civil War. They were deployed to various theaters of conflict, including the Western Theater and the crucial Mississippi River campaign. The regiment participated in significant engagements such as the Battle of Stones River, the Tullahoma Campaign, the Battle of Chickamauga, and the Atlanta Campaign. In battle the regiment lost 2 officers and 208 enlisted men. Through these battles it became obvious to the opponents that these men would not surrender and had no other options than winning. 

One of the key aspects that make the 77th Regiment, Ohio Infantry important is their resilience in the face of adversity. They endured the hardships of war, including harsh weather conditions, limited supplies, and the constant threat of enemy fire. Despite these challenges, the regiment remained deadly and effective, displaying remarkable discipline and determination. The regiment was able to keep high spirits even through the adversity of war and what they experienced. 

The 77th Regiment, Ohio Infantry represents the sacrifices made by ordinary citizens who answered the call of duty. These were not professional soldiers, but  volunteers who left their homes, families, and livelihoods, to defend the ideals of liberty and preserve the Union. Their commitment to the cause shows the deep-rooted patriotism that fueled the Union's war effort. The 77th Regiment serves as a reminder of the courage and selflessness of those who answered their nation's call during a time of great unrest. They did not have to leave to fight but because they did it lead to the Union Army having a chance.

The Regiment made a lasting impact on the communities they came from. Their service and sacrifice did not go unnoticed, and their actions inspired others to join the cause. The regiment became a source of pride for Ohioans, who celebrated their accomplishments and supported their efforts. Their achievements also helped to shape Ohio's identity as a state that contributed significantly to the Union war effort. In this case Robert would carry this identity to Colorado and reaped the benefits of his hard work following the war. 

In conclusion, the 77th Regiment, Ohio Infantry holds immense importance in American history. Their contributions to the Union cause, along with the sacrifices they made, deserve recognition and remembrance. The legacy of the 77th Regiment serves as a reminder to the dedication and bravery of those who fought to preserve the nation during one of its most challenging periods, and their story continues to inspire generations to come. I hope each person reading this will gain a new understanding and appreciation for the men who fought for the independence and freedom of America.